Powerprint users manual

1) Choose the image you want to use and print it out with a laser printer or a laser copier. For good results, the surface you are going to transfer it to should be a light colour and perfectly dry.  If you are using a photo, remember that it will come out as a mirror image, so if you want a faithful representation of the original picture, you need to print out a reversed version of the image to work with. 2) Cut out the image you want to use and placing it image side downwards, trace a contour round it directly onto the surface you want to transfer it to.  If you are using a canvas, place a book underneath to support the surface. 3) With a brush, paint a layer of Powerprint inside the contour you have drawn, and paint a layer of Powerprint directly onto the image side of the laserprint.  Try to maintain the same thickness of Powerprint throughout the application stage. 4) Turning the image over, place it into the contour you have drawn on the surface and press down very firmly using the bacside of a Powerprint brush. 5) Dry the image with a hair dryer, 10 minutes on each side should be enough - and let it cool. 6) Then, with a damp sponge, remove the whitish paper layer so that only the ink remains encased in a water-resist layer of Powerprint. 

You can superpose Powerprint images for special effects. Powerprint can be used alone for decoration, or mixed with other mediums such as paper, collage, paints, Powertex and Stone art, etc.  For outdoor objects, protect with a layer of Powertex Easy Varnish.